12U & 14U Evaluation Policy

Players should make every attempt to attend both sessions of evaluations. The best score from both sessions will be used to determine team placements. Should a player attend only one session, that score will be used to determine team placement. If a player is unable to attend either evaluation, they will automatically be placed on one of our developing teams. Injured players will be reviewed by the board and coaches and will be done on a case by case basis.

The focus of player evaluations is to evaluate players on the following lacrosse-specific and dispositional attributes: 

  • Positive response to coaching feedback
  • Passing and catching with both hands on the move
  • Stick skills
  • Speed, agility and athleticism
  • Defense
  • Ability to play multiple field positions
  • Competitive spirit
  • Field vision and play.  

What to bring

Full Gear

Helmet, mouthpiece, shoulder pads, elbow pads, gloves, stick, water bottle (an athletic cup is suggested). 

Our Transparent Evaluation Process

The SLA’s purpose for evaluations is to place players on the most appropriate team to support player development.


  • Evaluations will be completed by 2-3 Evaluators
  • Evaluators cannot evaluate any division where they have a child playing


  • Each player will be scored in each of the Key Evaluation areas (Fundamentals, transition, etc.)
  • Scores will then be totaled across all evaluators
  • If one evaluator misses scoring a player in one of the Key Evaluation areas, then the average of available scores will be used to fill in the blank score.

Team Selections

  • A portion of each team will be determined solely based on evaluation scores (11 Positions). The balance of the team will be selected using a combination of evaluation scores, team-specific positional needs, and Coaches' input (with some limitations).

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